The hair years

My old band Brunel were an original rock outfit playing the London pub and college scene in the 1980’s. Comprising of myself and Keith Haggis on twin lead guitars, Robert “Nobby” Smith on vocals, Pete Franich on bass, and band leader Julius Gamski on drums. We were at the time playing old-school original classic rock, and being squeezed out by the new punk scene. Fashion goes in circles! as we are now amongst the “fashionable” NWOBHM bands (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). Mind you, we didn’t consider ourselves heavy metal at all.

A selection of tracks recorded at Gateway Studios in South London 1980. We were recorded by Dave Ward of Gateway Studios (which went on to be Gateway School of Recording, Music Technology)

The Lost Years: Playing Covers!

I spent a few years in a cover band in Taupo. Looking back, there were some fun moments but overall for me it was not a satisfying experience. Felt like a job!


I’ve often enjoyed jamming over the years – and it can be a lot of fun with moments of pure gold…

OR an excruciatingly painful experience... Depends on who turns up! – roll the dice!

Here I am jamming in 2 Mile Bay WaterSports Centre, Taupo NZ

...and in the Gold Coast, Australia, an afternoon barbie round the pool with friends

Home Studio, 20 years ago

One of my many earlier studios… YamahaPromix 01 mixer, Tascam DA30MKII Dat recorder, Akai 8 track hard disk recorder, Korg M1, outboard EQ and reverb etc. What a mess! Back then, for every minute recording, I would spend 20 minutes configuring and fault-finding.

My current studio. A Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, and a Behringer XR18 as my audio interface to my guitars. Pure bliss, and very productive