My Day Job

It was pretty exciting in the very early days - working on DEC VAX systems and CPM (pre-IBM PC). I became a Novell Certified Engineer (C.N.E.) and also certified in Microsoft systems. From the early days I specialised in Applications Packaging & Delivery, and contracted across 3 countries.

Here are some of my clients

DEEDI (Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation), Brisbane, QLD (6m)

MINISTRY OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, Wellington NZ Application Packaging Designer (1y 4m)

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, Wellington NZ Application Packager (3m)

DATACOM (@ NZ Post, Wellington) Application Packaging Consultant (2m)

ANZ BANK, Wellington Application Packager (4m)

MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, Wellington NZ Application Packager (1y 4m)

TRANSPOWER, NZ (Fujitsu) Application Packager (1m)

HM CUSTOMS & EXCISE, UK (Fujitsu) Snr Application Packager (9m)

CAMWOOD (London) Zenworks Applications Packager (3m)

BP, Wellington NZ (Sytec) MSI Packager/Analyst (4m)

BBC WORLDWIDE (London) MSI Packager/Analyst (6m)

HARVEY NASH PLC (London) Systems Analyst/Project Engineer (9m)

BBC (London) Snr Technical Analyst (2y 6m)

Dept. Of Labour, Wellington, New Zealand. Snr Desktop Analyst (6m)

LLOYDS OF LONDON Network Support/Management (2m)

REUTERS (London) Resident Site Engineer, City West (3y)

TELERATE (Auckland NZ) Senior Technician (1y 6m)

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CO (DEC) Basingstoke (UK) Field Service Engineer (4m)

BRITISH TELECOM Lab Technician/Field Engineer (5y 4m)