Taupo, New Zealand

Gold Coast, Australia

In New Zealand we run a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station, which feeds into a Meteobridge Pro so we can intercept the Davis signals and send them to the Internet. We also added a Foscam camera to FTP images to Weather Underground at 5 minute intervals – this seems to be an optimal period to produce reasonably good time-lapse videos on Weather Underground. (NB: as from November 2021 Weather Underground has stopped processing live video feeds)

Our Davis Vantage Pro 2

Although the Davis is a pretty great piece of hardware – solid and reliable – the Davis solution to get your weather to the world – WeatherLinkIP – is in our humble opinion a waste of money. Hundreds of dollars just to send your data to one place – their place.

BUT… step in the wonderful MeteoBridge Pro. This pocket rocket is a hardware and software labour of love, and the most flexible impressive and satisfying add-on to your weather station. We currently upload our data to Weather Underground – but plan to use MeteoBridge to simultaneously FTP data to our own website and customised widgets soon, as well as many other sites. Can’t recommend this bit of kit enough! It’s DEEP and the web support/wiki pages are very detailed and helpful.

In Australia we have a more challenging scenario to mount a weather station; smaller area, lots of buildings and closer neighbours. We decided to try an intriguing kick-starter project

Normally, rainfall is measured by a mechanical/electrical tip-bucket, and wind by an anemometer (a windmill style arrangement as per our Davis weather station)

The intriguing thing about Weatherflow, is it's solid state.

Thats right - no moving parts! Just as your smart-phone offers ingenious solutions to measure your steps/heart rate etc., Weatherflow senses rain by it tapping on the haptic sensor on the lid, and "listens" to wind force and direction.

It was a long wait, but so far we are really impressed.