All-Play-All Round Robin

Generate round robin tournaments for singles or doubles events for tennis, pickleball, badminton etc. Team format is best for basketball, footballl and other teams sports. No subscription or login required.

All-Play-All Round Robin App will help you generate and manage your round robin tournaments with ease.

  • Maintain a list of players and teams. Individuals can belong to more than 1 team.

  • Set up your venues/courts/locations - wherever it is you play. Add constraints if you don't have enough locations to complete a round simultaneously (eg you have 4 matches in a round but only 2 courts available)

  • Easy to setup a new tournament by selecting the players, set the start date/time, set the points to be awarded, set the schedule and then generate the match schedule. Singles & Doubles events are played by individuals. Teams will be selected when scheduling a Team tournament event.

  • Play the matches and record the scores.

  • The leaderboard will be automatically updated.

  • Generate a report with all the details of the draw, match results and the leaderboard

In true round robin format, each team/player will play every other team/player once for singles and team tournaments (per cycle). For a doubles tournament, each player will partner with each other player once and play against each player twice. Singles and team tournaments can be scheduled with an odd numbers of players with each player having a bye. Doubles tournaments are generally only for multiples of 4 players with the exception being for 5 and 9 players where each players will have one bye.

All-Play-All Round Robin is an IOS app which uses iCloud to sync across your devices.

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