MatchUp Tennis Organizer Pro

Social Doubles, Round Robin & Team Challenge Match Generator

Use MatchUp to make organizing of social doubles matches, round robin & team challenge tournaments easy. Designed for tennis clubs, MatchUp can also be used for pickleball. badminton, table tennis, padel and other game involving singles and doubles.

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Match format allows for Social Doubles, Round Robin and Team Challenge events.

Social Doubles is perfect for those social matches where you are able to set the number of rounds & courts. You decide on the type of game required for each round, based on the numbers of players available by group.

Round Robin matches will ensure every player is matched with/against all other players in the same group.

Team Challenge will allow each player in one group to play against each player in another group (singles/doubles/fixed pairs available). The number of rounds and courts will be determined automatically based on the number of players.

All matches can be saved and shared. Scores can be recorded. Points for win/loss/draw can be awarded and the leaderboard* will show the tournament standings. The overall leader from multiple events can displayed and reported from the Combined Leaderboard.

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