My Music


I'm just another one of those getting-older has-been lead guitarists! with a garage full of PA equipment and loads of old bad-quality live recordings from my early bands! It feels like I never really got pay-back from all those hard-yards of rehearsing and gigging. One hour of glory was usually paid for by weeks or months of struggle and strife!

My "day job" was even less satisfying;- far too many years in the high pressure I.T. world working on projects that, looking back, ultimately were soul destroying and pointless!

So, as I enter retirement, I've decided to put my energies into creating things I am personally proud of and that will hopefully stand the test of time;-

  • Creating songs in my home studio and release my music as a solo artist.

  • Creating Apps for smart-phones

It may not ever buy me more than a coffee every now and then, but it's immensely satisfying, and my greatest wish is that someone (you!) will enjoy what I am creating.

- George

Recent Projects

Home Alone in my studio

Some recent projects I composed during the 2020 New Zealand lock-down


My first COVID lock-down project

Too loud? Overpowering? Manic? Yup!


My little piece of NZ paradise

Just me and the weeding


Stepping right away from our worldy problems

Turn up to full volume!


I formed the Taupo Blues Club during the first year of the pandemic, as a way to pass the time. Here I am playing with the House Band (this was the first time we had all met, and decided on a playlist via emailšŸ˜„) plus a clip from a trip over to Rotorua for the BOP Blues night

RIP Tamati

I will miss you


Taupo Blues Club house band

Hands Off

Taupo Blues Club house band

Trust Me

Live jam - no edits so expect some bum notes!


Another loose jam-sesh

Eclectic Electric

A local Taupo trio/project (one female singer, one keyboard player, me on guitar.) It didn't work out due to conflicting commitments. - but some great original music ideas. I recorded some acoustic threads which were so good I decided later to add synth's, bass & drums to try and create a full sound.

A bit challenging syncing things up, and lots of bleed between tracks. Vocals recorded on an old SM57. Still, I like challenges!

Album Project: SpaceRock

I am writing an instrumental album which will be themed on space travel . I should have it completed some time before the Earth gets swallowed up by the Sun. Space travel fascinates me... I'm not ready yet to sign up to live on Mars, but here's hoping that one day someone will play my songs up there!

Without the luxury of vocals/lyrics, I hope I can project a Galactic adventure using just my instruments.

- George

A sampler of my first 4 tracks - the first single ā€œInto Orbitā€ being the start of the journey (and paradoxically the last track featured on my video sampler above).

Take a listen, and PLAY IT LOUD!

Mount Tauhara (Taupo)

Pretty amazed at the results playing with my iPhone timelapse mode.

Decided to "put it to music" using Omnisphere and my trusty Strat

Acoustic + tech

Relaxing with my Maton acoustic - plugged into the marvelous Roland VG8 - a guitar synth that came out in 1995, and was WAY ahead of it's time.

Released tracks

I will be slowly releasing singles during the year. When I have enough to fill an album, I will release the album!

Into Orbit

The Search For Life